pendant church rose window s John Baptist

pendant church rose window  s John Baptist

pendant church rose window s John Baptist

Inspiration from rose window of church of S. Giovanni Battista in Monterosso in Cinque Terre Gioielli del mare produce this pendant in different size and material. Diametro 2,8 cm
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This church, dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, is on the left side of the main road entering the older sector of Monterosso. The construction began in 1282 and was completed in 1307, 25 years later. The building is of a basilica type plan that includes three naves and two aisles. The façade is of a Ligurian/Pisan gothic style and is quite seductive. It is ornated with white and black marbles and the main portal is surmounted by a fresco portraying Saint John baptising Christ and directly above this there is an elegant rose window, attributed to Matteo and Pietro Campiglio. Of great interest inside the church is a triptych portraying the Virgin and Child between two saints. This painting is unsigned but attributed to the school of Giotto. The square medieval bell tower is crowned with battlements and double Gothic style arches on each of the four sides.


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    Silver pendant Rose Window of S.john Baptist Monterosso al mare
    Designed and produced by Gioielli del mare
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    Sterling silver earrings rose window s john baptist
    The design of earrings get inspiration from the Rose Window of Church S Giovanni Battista in Monterosso al Mare Cinque Terre Italy