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Il "Gigante di Monterosso al Mare" /

 The Giant of Monterosso al Mare

This skillfully handcrafted jewel was inspired by the eponymous sculpture.

Il Gigante di Monterosso is a cement and iron sculpure that was created in 1910. It is located at the far end of Fegina beach (on the 'new' side of the village). 


The sculpted god Neptune is 14 meters (46 feet) and weighs about 1700 tons. This sculpture was once part of a splendid villa, which was built by two Monterossini upon their return from Argentina where they'd made their fortunes. The villa was damaged during World War II.


Today poor Neptune is armless and is missing one of his legs and his trident as well as the shell he was holding up.

This statue is one of Monterosso's historic landmarks, and it's 'symbolic' for the village. 

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