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Il "Gigante di Monterosso al Mare" /

 The Giant of Monterosso al Mare

This skillfully handcrafted jewel was inspired by the eponymous sculpture.

Il Gigante di Monterosso is a cement and iron sculpure that was created in 1910. It is located at the far end of Fegina beach (on the 'new' side of the village). 


The sculpted god Neptune is 14 meters (46 feet) and weighs about 1700 tons. This sculpture was once part of a splendid villa, which was built by two Monterossini upon their return from Argentina where they'd made their fortunes. The villa was damaged during World War II.


Today poor Neptune is armless and is missing one of his legs and his trident as well as the shell he was holding up.

This statue is one of Monterosso's historic landmarks, and it's 'symbolic' for the village. 

  1. 1
    Pendant Punta Mesco in sterlig silver
    An other unique piece of Gioielli del Mare. The pendant rappresent the Punta mesco hill. Hand made in sterling silver
  2. 2
    Pendant starfish in sterling silver handmade
    Pendant in sterling silver produced and designed by Gioielli del mare
  3. 3
    18 kt Gold jellyfish pendant designed and produced by Gioielli del mare.
  4. 4
  5. 5
  6. 6
    Sterling silver pendant
    The symbol of Gioielli del mare... The seahorse....kind and elegant
  7. 7
    Siver pendant cupido 's heart
    Silver pendant by Gioielli del mare. A different and unique present for those you love
  8. 8
    Sterling silver earrings
    The design of earrings get inspiration from the Rose Window of Church S Giovanni Battista in Monterosso al Mare Cinque Terre Italy
  9. 9
    earrings starfish in gold 18 kt
    Gioielli del mare propose his version of a classic of jewelry . Avaiable in yellow gold and white gold.
  10. 10
    Pendant of Torre Aurora in Monterosso in sterling silver
    Gioielli del mare produce in sterling silver this pendant inspired by Torre Aurora, an other symbol of Monterosso and Cinque Terre
  11. 11
    Sterling silver pendant with agate Carnelian
    Gioielli del mare design and produces this necklace in sterling silver with agate Carnelian
  12. 12
  13. 13
    Sterling silver ring with original coin 200 Lire
    Sterling silver ring handmade in Italy with original coin 200 Lire
  14. 14
  15. 15
  16. 16
    bracelet with freshwater pearl
    A nice product you can wear any time...elegant , casual strong
  17. 17
    Silver bracelet hand made engraved
    Silver bracelet
  18. 18
    Silver pendant with cubic zirconia
    Siver pendant with cubic zirconia hand made. Unique sample
  19. 19
    sterling silver pendant
  20. 20
    Ring hand made in sterling silver hammered
    Ring in sterling silver with cubic zirconia to wear to gift
  21. 21
    Sterling silver pendant with agate carnelian
    Hand made sterling silver
  22. 22
     Pink coral and black agate bracelet with 18kt gold
    Pink coral bracelet with black agate and 18 kt gold. Another exclusive and unique product Gioielli del mare with Deep Sea pink coral and black agate. Unique example.
  23. 23
    Turquoise and gold necklace with amethyst and peridot
    Gioielli del mare often combines its own production with products from other Italian artisan workshops like necklace with all marine subjects and charms pendant with amethyst and peridot
  24. 24
    Earrings in coral and turquoise and gold 18 kt
    Gioielli del mare proposes these splendid earrings with two drops of mushi coral and turquoise enriched by two elegant seahorses in 18kt gold
  25. 25
    Silver pendant sea chain
    Gioielli del mare presents this beatiful bracelet in sterling silver.Simple shape of chain but very elegant
  26. 26
    Bracelet in sterling silver and ematite
    Bracelet handmade with ematite and sterling silver. Design and production by Gioielli del mare.
  27. 27
    earrings satellite
    design and production by Gioielli del mare, handmade in sterling silver with purple zirconia
  28. 28
    Ring in sterling silver
    Design and production by Gioielli del mare. Completly handmade make each ring unique
  29. 29
    rose earrings
    Very tiny and pretty to wear all days in gold 9 kt
  30. 30
    coral necklace with diamonds
    Unique piece.....cerasuolo quality coral in gold 18 kt and diamonds
  31. 31
    Bracelet with lapislazuli and gold 18kt
    Lapis bracelet with different cut of ball and gold 18kt
  32. 32
     White and rose gold18 kt necklace
    A beatiful necklace . A nugets combination in two color: rose and white.
  33. 33
    sterling silver ring
    Design and production by Gioielli del mare, to wear all days... inspiration from the sand of beatch
  34. 34
    ring with amethyst
    Production and design by Gioielli del mare, hand made, sterling silver and cabochon of ametihyst and 5 zircons on the prong.
  35. 35
    cammeo earrings with sterling silver
    A classic jewel of italian production, cammeo engraved on shell with freshwater pearl and sterling silver
  36. 36
    Sterling silver earrings with topaz citrin
    Sterling silver with citrin topaz handmade in italy. Original and young design.
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