1. 1
    bracelet with freshwater pearl
    A nice product you can wear any time...elegant , casual strong
  2. 2
    Silver bracelet hand made engraved
    Silver bracelet
  3. 3
     Pink coral and black agate bracelet with 18kt gold
    Pink coral bracelet with black agate and 18 kt gold. Another exclusive and unique product Gioielli del mare with Deep Sea pink coral and black agate. Unique example.
  4. 4
    Silver pendant sea chain
    Gioielli del mare presents this beatiful bracelet in sterling silver.Simple shape of chain but very elegant
  5. 5
    Bracelet in sterling silver and ematite
    Bracelet handmade with ematite and sterling silver. Design and production by Gioielli del mare.
  6. 6
    Bracelet with lapislazuli and gold 18kt
    Lapis bracelet with different cut of ball and gold 18kt
  7. 7
    Coral bracelet with gold 18 kt
    Nice bracelet in mediterraneo coral with 18KT gold clasp.
  8. 8
    Coral bracelet with gold 18 kt
    Interesting mediterraneo coral bracelet with gold 18 kt. There are a small beads of 18 kt gold each 3 pieces of coral and clasp in gold 18 kt.
  9. 9
    sterling silver bracelet
    Silver bracelet with oval and round link
  10. 10
    siver bracelet with flower
    Sterling silver bracelet with flowers. Nice object with clasic design, to wear in an important situation
  11. 11
    Bone bracelet with sterling silver
    Design and production by Gioielli del mare. Bangle bracelet with sterling silver